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Stuck on what to do for your friend’s bachelorette party? It can be pretty stressful on what to do for the bride to be and not everyone wants to get drunk on a trolley. Sorry if that is your thing but it’s just not for me. I think there are so many other fun and creative ways to throw a great bachelorette party in Chicago.

A girl’s guide to 12 great ideas for a summer bachelorette party

Here are my favorite ideas for planning a really fun bachelorette party in Chicago. What is also really great about this guide is that you can use it to plan a really fun girls weekend in Chicago. I also included some of my other girl’s guides to help you further plan the best bachelorette party.

1. Plan a relaxing spa day

Who doesn’t love a day to just pamper yourself? So this is perfect for yourself and the bride! I actually created a girl’s guide to pampering yourself on a budget that you might find helpful to help as you plan. After your spa day, you can do a fun dinner followed by rooftop drinks.

2. Sign up for free makeovers

For a great budget friendly option there are quite a few places in Chicago that offer free makeovers. You usually just have to make of purchase of a product around $50. Click here for some ideas on where to go.


3. Plan at Staycation

It’s always nice to get away and relax for the weekend. Chicago has so many great hotels to stay at. A few of my favorites are…

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4. Do a rooftop bar crawl

Cocktails on a rooftop is the thing to do in Chicago. Every summer a new rooftop becomes the place to be and I’m not hating at all I have a few of my favorites that I love to go to. If you are interested or need help deciding on where to go here’s a girl’s guide to the best rooftops in Chicago.

5. Plan a day of patio hopping

It’s so nice to sit on a patio on a summer day and enjoy some cocktails. Just pick your favorite neighborhood and go patio to patio.

6. Learn how to make pasta at Eataly

Eataly is such a fun place to hang out and they actually have a lot of fun events there that you can sign up for. Here’s my girl’s guide to planning a fun day at Eataly and you can sign up for some great pasta making classes.


7. Do a bar crawl through the breweries in Ravenswood

You don’t have to be a huge beer drinker to enjoy this brewery bar crawl. Some of the places have other options or you can do some great tastings as well. Here’s a link to help you plan your bar crawl.

8. Spend an evening at the Chicago Riverwalk

Hanging out on the Riverwalk is a lot of fun and there’s a lot of bars and restaurants to go to. I would start at Tiny Hatt and work your way down towards the Lake.

9. Rent a boat and cruise around all day on the Lake

I suggest checking sites like Groupon and Gilt City Chicago for some amazing deals. If you have enough girls it could work out to about $20 or $30 a person.

10. A boozy brunch and shopping

Rose’ all day! Chicago has some of the best brunches places and it’s also home to one of the most popular shopping streets, Michigan Avenue. You can’t go wrong with a girl’s day like this.

11. Paint and sip on some bubbles

These places are getting more and more popular and it actually seems like a really fun girl’s night. Bottle and Bottega will help you plan your whole bachelorette party night.


12. Spend the night with dinner and drinks in the West Loop

The West Loop is one of the hottest places to hang out in Chicago. It really does remind me of the Meat Packing District in NYC. There are so many great restaurants and bars all along Randolph. You can enjoy everything from Sushi to Italian and there’s plenty of places for great cocktails.

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