About Kelly


I’m Kelly and I moved to Chicago 10 years ago and I’ve been in love with living in the city ever since. I met my husband here and we live in Lakeview with our two girls. A cat named Gracie and a dog named Bella. We love our neighborhood and experiencing everything we can in Chicago. We love trying new restaurants, exploring different neighborhoods, and we spend a lot of our time in our favorite coffee shops.

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I began Girl’s Guide Chicago because I love planning either a great girls day or night for my friends and I and fun experiences and new restaurants for my husband and I. It’s thrilling for me to read about what’s new in Chicago and I love trying new restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc. I love to know everything I can about what’s going on in Chicago. I always make lists of the newest places to try or things we have discovered to share with my friends. I guess I’m kind of the planner of my friends, and they often ask me for suggestions on where to go for a date night, or what to do when friends or family are in town. So that’s how GGC evolved.

I used checklists, specifically checkli.com throughout my whole blog because I love making lists and instead of going back and forth looking up the guides on the blog you can actually download and save any GGC checklist to your Checkli profile. That way you will have any checklist you like to save and do anytime you want. And if you are new to Checkli you can create your own profile here.

I hope you have fun with Girl’s Guide Chicago and discover some really fun new experiences with your friends, family, or your significant other. If you have questions for me or need a suggestion you can contact me here.