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I’m going to be completely honest with you guys as I write this post. I have never actually stayed at The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago but it is one of my absolute favorite hotels in the city and I have done so many fun and memorable things here. The Peninsula actually really means a lot to me. Which, if you are interested in why, keep reading…

However, one day for when I do have the chance to stay at this hotel, I decided to put together a fun weekend guide of how to spend the whole weekend relaxing at the Peninsula Chicago with some of the things I have actually done at the hotel. You don’t even need to leave the hotel if you don’t want to. You can plan the perfect relaxing weekend with a girlfriend or bring your significant other!

Peninsula Hotel Memories…

The first time I went to this hotel it was on a chilly rainy night and I was still kind of new to the city.  I met up with the first few girlfriends I had made here in the city for drinks at The Bar in the hotel. I thought it was really amazing and I felt very cool, lol. I brought my boyfriend at the time and now hubby back a few weeks later. Now, years later it’s also one of his favorite hidden cozy gems to go to for a cocktail.


About eight years ago I had a somewhat known to Chicago blog called My Posh Jeans (which I quit a few years ago to start teaching pre-school again, long story.) Anyway, I was invited to come to try a tasting menu for Shanghai Terrace’s fall menu. I love it, It was very delicious and we had so much food! Since then, I have brought many friends to eat at Shanghai Terrace. My girlfriends and my husband and I love having cocktails on the rooftop garden.


Another thing I love to do at the Peninsula is the chocolate bar. For the last three years, I have planned a girl’s night with my closest friends to have a night enjoying the beautiful chocolates from the chocolate bar to kick off the holidays. It has now become a tradition that I really look forward to every year. I also frequently dine at Pierrot Gourmet. I love the sidewalk patio, it’s really the perfect place after a day of shopping on Michigan Ave. If you go, you have to get the shrimp salad, it’s my favorite!


Download A Girl’s Guide to Spending a Relaxing Weekend at The Peninsula in Chicago

I’ve planned what to do Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but of course, you don’t have to stay at this hotel you can just enjoy some of the places that are special to me and that I love to go to at the Peninsula.


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A Girl’s Guide to Spending a Relaxing Weekend at The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago


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