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Last Updated On: October 5, 2017

I don’t know about you but I love going to a cozy coffee shop for coffee. My husband and I are huge coffee lovers so trying new coffee shops is something we really enjoy doing. I’m that annoying person with coffee photos on my Instagram.

In Chicago, getting coffee is a big thing. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting, living, or new to the city you can use this girl’s guide to grab a great cup of coffee in a charming or cozy little spot. These coffee shops are perfect to go to with your girlfriends after a day shopping or hanging out in a neighborhood or you can plan a little afternoon coffee date.

Here are my favorite spots to go for coffee with the girls but on my checklist (that you can download) below I’ve listed coffee shops all over the city that you can try.

3 Arts Cafe at RH

3 Arts Cafe at RH

3 Arts Cafe is the perfect place to have coffee with your girlfriends. And, if you go here you have two options for coffee. You can grab a coffee at the little coffee bar and walk around and explore RH. You can sit anywhere you want including the rooftop. Or you can walk around and wait for a table to sit in the restaurant, which is stunningly beautiful and a perfect place for coffee any time of the year.

What to get: Salted caramel latte

Starbucks on Oak and Rush Street


If you are in the area, this Starbucks is the place you want to go for coffee. Walk in, and head right upstairs to their Reserve section. There’s plenty of seating and if you can, grab a seat by the fireplace or if the weather is nice, you can sit on the little balcony. Also, the reserve baristas take their coffee making very seriously so the drinks are really good.

What to get: A limited-time drink from the Reserve menu, if they have the dark mocha, that’s a must!

Cafe’ Integral

Cafe’ Integral
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After some shopping on Michigan Avenue, Cafe’ Integral is a great place to go for a latte and relax on one of the many cozy couches. And FYI, the bar, Broken Shaker is also tucked away in the back of Cafe’ Integral and opens at 4 pm.

What to get: A latte

Pierrot Gourmet


If you are lucky to get a table on the patio of Pierrot Gourmet, you will feel a little bit like you are sitting on a patio in Paris. It’s the perfect spot to have a cappuccino, do some people watching, and relax in the sunshine.

What to get: A mini pot of coffee or tea



I’m cheating a little bit with this one because it’s also one of my favorite brunch spots in the city. But, Beatrix has a great little coffee bar to sit at and they make an amazing vanilla latte. If you go, you also have to get the chocolate almond croissant,  it’s my favorite. Beatrix now also has three locations across the city.

What to get: Vanilla latte and an almond chocolate croissant

Pickwick Coffee


Pickwick Coffee is the cutest, little hidden gem in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the loop. There is no indoor seating but when the weather is nice, they have a few little tables that you sit at in the alley. Pickwick coffee is really close to State Street shopping, Millennium Park, and the Art Institute. So this would be a great little spot to go to before or after.

What to get: A drip coffee or latte

Chicago Athletic Association

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Chicago Athletic Association is probably better known for their popular rooftop bar, Cindy’s Rooftop. But, their lobby on the 2nd floor is a great place to cozy up on the couch or in one of their nooks by the window while enjoying a cup of coffee.

What to get: A cappuccino

Bourgeois Pig Cafe

Bourgeois Pig Cafe

The Bourgeois Pig is really adorable because it’s a house converted into a coffee shop. You can sit in the cozy rooms or during the warmer months sit on the front garden patio.

What to get: Mocha Bianca ( but they have many good drinks on the menu)


colectivo lincoln park
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If you are in Lincoln Park, Colectivo is a great place to go with your girlfriends to get coffee in the summer because they have a really large patio, and also a fire pit for when it’s chillier.

What to get: Cafè au Lait

La Creperie

La Creperie

I’ve mentioned La Creperie before on my girl’s guide to hidden gems. I go here often for wine but in the afternoons, I enjoy sitting in their garden back patio, in the sunshine, with a cup of coffee.

What to get: A cup of coffee with a side of cream

Download my Girl’s Guide to the Best Coffee Shop in Chicago

I would love to hear what’s your favorite coffee shop in Chicago. I will add them to my checklist, which you can download below and use to explore coffee shops all over the city.

Free Download: Save a copy of this checklist I made:
A Girl’s Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Chicago

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