Last Updated On: June 19, 2017

One of the many reasons that I started GGC is because I love to try new places. I try to keep up on everything that’s new in Chicago and when I heard about Noyane rooftop at the Conrad hotel, I immediately added it to my list of places to try this summer.

My hubby and I decided to finish work early last week and go somewhere for an afternoon cocktail. So, I suggested since the weather was really nice that we should go check out Noyane, so we did.

Noyane means hidden roof in Japanese and that’s just what it is. As you walk in, you feel like you are walking into a hidden rooftop. This rooftop bar has plenty of cozy seating or you can choose to sit directly at the bar. It was about 4 pm when we arrived so it wasn’t too busy yet, so we were able to get a seat on one of the couches. By the way, a lot of people must know about this rooftop already because I was actually surprised at by 5 pm how quickly it filled up.


My husband and I each got a cocktail. I chose the Sake Sangria and my husband got the EL Diablo. Each cocktail is $15 and I know I’m kind of a lightweight but these cocktails were REALLY strong. I honestly only needed one. I really enjoy mine though and thought it was light and refreshing. My husband liked his as well but he was complaining because his drink was pinkish. It was kind of funny because he always ends up choosing the drink that looks super girly and all the guys around us have something on the rocks. It wasn’t the drink he was looking for, but oh well, LOL.


We didn’t order food but what I saw looked great. Lots of sushi (yum) dim sum (yum), etc. I also really enjoyed that it was really a laid back vibe but I have no idea if that changes in the evening. I really hope not because I love laid back places to go and it would be great to go back with my girlfriends this summer.


If you haven’t seen my girl’s guide to the best places to grab a rooftop drink in Chicago. Noyane is on the list! You can download my checklist below!

Download a Girl’s Guide to the best rooftop bars in Chicago.


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