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Last Updated On: March 14, 2018

Last week was my birthday, so my husband and I decided to celebrate and spend the morning at AIRE Ancient Baths. I had heard of this place a few months ago Instagram, so it was on my list of things to do. Also, a few girls I know had recently gone with their significant others. They told me it was a MUST and I would LOVE it. So, I thought it would be a perfect thing to do for my birthday. If you follow me you know I love to try and experience everything I can in the city. So obviously, I was really excited to go and experience AIRE Ancient Baths for myself.

I made a reservation for ten in the morning. During the week the rate is $70 per person. For $70 you have access to every bath and sauna for two hours. I wanted to go during the week since I figured it would be less crowded and we could really enjoy our experience. We weren’t really interested in getting a massage or choosing any other upgrades because we thought two hours in the baths would be long enough, we are not really into massages, and we had a full day of plans.

The Entrance/The Lobby

AIRE Ancient Baths is located in the West Loop, River West area and parking was actually a little difficult. There is currently lots of construction going on, so we ended up parking a few blocks away. If you are going to drive, I would give yourself enough time to find parking. However, if you want to spend the money you can always valet or even easier, get an Uber. We walked up to the address and at first, I did not think it was the right place. The entrance is in an alley and there is a huge leather couch outside, along with a huge door. Then I saw a sign that said AIRE Ancient Baths. Once I saw the sign, I was like ok this is the right place and it was actually a really cool entrance.

The lobby is very tranquil and a little bohemian. There are a few large couches, along with soft lights, candles, and lanterns. A girl came over to greet us and had us sign a simple health form. We relaxed in the lobby for a few minutes before she called our names and showed where to go to change into our bathing suits. She told us an attendant would be there to greet us.AIRE Ancient Baths Chicago

Changing Room/Bathroom

The attendant greeted me and showed me my locker, the bathrooms where I could change, and also the showers. She told me that after my experience I could feel free to use the hairdryers, combs, lotions, deodorant, etc. She also told me they have a strict no phone policy. So sorry girls, no photos for Instagram in the bath area. Once I was in my bathing suit and robe I walked out another door and down the stairs to all the baths.

The Baths

Once we were in the bath area, another attendant greeted us and showed us around. She explained each bath and also which bath we should try first to get our body temperate regulated. The baths are all beautifully lit, it is somewhat dark with candles and lanterns everywhere, and you can hear peaceful music playing throughout the whole bath area. Looking up I noticed the ceilings are really high with exposed brick and wooden beams. I have to say I instantly started to relax. There are six baths including a salt water bath and an indoor, outdoor bath. There are also two lavender steam rooms. You can also enjoy complimentary salt exfoliate to use all over your body followed by a waterfall shower. After using the exfoliate my skin felt amazing.

The Experience

I don’t want to go into too much detail about each bath and our whole experience because I think it’s so worth to experience all the baths for yourself. However, afterward, I felt so relaxed, refreshed, and my skin felt amazing.The best feeling to describe my experience was the feeling of coming home after an amazing vacation. I felt the two hours in the baths was plenty of time and like I mentioned before I personally, I don’t think a massage would be necessary. I think it’s best to enjoy this experience with your significate other or a girlfriend. I would not recommend going as a large group. The whole idea is to relax and to not really socialize. Also, they do ask you to either be silent or to limit your conversion and whisper. I also really loved they that limit how many people are allowed in the baths at a time. Honestly, we hardly really saw anyone else, except for when we were walking around. After enjoying our experience, I do HIGHLY recommend AIRE Ancient Baths and I’m really looking forward to experiencing the baths again.

AIRE Ancient Baths Chicago

Some Helpful Tips to Remember

  • Give yourself enough time to find parking
  • Book during the week for a more intimate experience and a less expensive rate
  • No more than twelve people are allowed in the baths at a time
  • Skip getting a massage (unless you really love them) and just enjoy the baths
  • You only need to bring a bathing suit, towels, robes, and slippers are provided
  • Toiletries are also provided
  • No phones are allowed in the baths, and you do get a locker to lock up all your things
  • Come prepared to relax, don’t worry about really doing your hair and makeup before you come
  • Not ideal for large groups, I would say no more than four people
  • They are open seven days a week 365 days a year from 9 am to 11 pm
  • AIRE Ancient Baths is located at 800 W. Superior Street


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