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Last Updated On: January 19, 2019

I feel like everywhere I’ve gone over the last week or so I hear the words “if it doesn’t bring you joy, let it go.” Sound familiar to you as well? Well, Netflix has got a popular hit with Maria Kondo’s show, Tidying Up. If you haven’t heard about this show, the premise is that Maria Kondo visits American homes and helps families to get organized. Some of the homes are a complete mess and full of clutter and some homes just need some serious organization. As she goes through everyone’s “stuff” if you will, she tells them to ask themselves if it doesn’t bring you joy, simply let it go.

Since this show is pretty much going viral. A lot of people are probably going to become inspired to start sorting through their “stuff” in hopes of becoming a lot more organized. Having a cramped home with lots of stuff can lead to unhappiness and lots of anxiety, so they say. With that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if people starting donating to their local resale shops. Which means if you are looking for that vintage long wool coat, or those cool lace-up boots, or even a designer bag, now might be a great time to start doing some shopping. Someone else’s “stuff” that no longer brings them joy can become one of your new most joyful pieces.

So now it’s obviously time to do a little resale and vintage shopping!

I do really enjoy vintage shopping and I have found a few pieces for my home that I absolutely love. I don’t have a cluttered home, I love being organized, and I even have drawers in my home that are empty! I’m pretty selective, so when I find something I love, I really do love it. So, I thought I would share with you guys my favorite resale shops in Chicago. I have truly found some great pieces at these shops.

The Best Resale and Vintage Shops in Chicago

Elliott Consignment

Elliott Consignment is located right in my neighborhood. I have sold and brought pieces from this boutique. It doesn’t look great on the outside but inside they have some great finds. I was walking my dog one afternoon and I walked by and saw this beautiful blue coat in the window. After our walk, I headed back over and the coat was already gone! I still to this day, think about that coat.

3015 N. Broadway Avenue

The Brown Elephant

If you love shopping for vintage good, then this Brown Elephant in Andersonville is the places go and dive in. They have everything from vintage Christmas decorations, crystal glassware, to mid-central modern furniture. I purchased a set of tiffany-blue dessert plates from Italy that I absolutely love!

 5404 N. Clark Street

Brownstone Antiques & Mercantile M

These are both amazing antique stores both with lots and lots of vintage pieces. I grouped these two together because you can’t go to one without the other. If you are looking for something unique for your home, you definitely have to shop both this boutiques.

5234 N. Clark Street & 5409 N. Clark Street

Brimfield Chicago

This is my favorite resale shop to go to during the holiday season. It’s full of the most adorable vintage Christmas decorations and the coziest, most beautiful plaid blankets. If you love 20th-century American furniture and plenty of plaids, you will love this resale shop!

5219 N. Clark Street

Randolph Street Market

Randolph Street Market is more of a flea market, that is open once a month in the West Loop. But I have to list this because it is one of the best flea markets you can go too. There are tons of amazing vendors selling everything from vintage furniture to jewelry to clothing. I have personally found some great pieces from my home and some amazing vintage pieces from myself. If you haven’t been, I highly suggest you go check this place out.

1341 W. Randolph Street

Store B

Head to Store B in Wicker Park for unique vintage high-end pieces. This is such a fun store to just browse or do some serious shopping.

1472 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Mercy Beaucoup Resale Boutique

Mercy Beaucoup Resale Boutique benefits a children’s charity, so it’s nice to know that your shopping habit is for a good cause! So, stop by this adorable little resale shop for great quality clothing, purses, and smaller home goods.

1545 N. Wells Street

Luxury Garage Sale

If you are looking for mint condition high-end luxury good then you want to check out Luxury Garage Sale. Each piece is authenticated, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing something that’s not the real thing.

1658 N. Wells Street 

Happy Shopping! Let me know what you girls find! xo

The Best Resale and Vintage Shops in Chicago

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