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Last Updated On: June 5, 2018

I don’t think there’s anything better than to sit outside on a gorgeous patio on a beautiful summer afternoon in Chicago, enjoy the sunshine and maybe even people watch, as you sip on a glass (or two) of rosè.

How to Celebrate Rosè Day in Chicago

What’s even better is that this Saturday, June 9th, it’s National Rosè Day! So, it’s the perfect time to celebrate by enjoying your favorite glass of rosè. Because I think this day is really worth celebrating, I put together a checklist of all my favorite places in Chicago to enjoy a glass of rosè. If you can’t celebrate this weekend, that’s ok because you can download my free checklist and use it to find the best places to drink rosè in Chicago all summer long.

This Saturday and all probably all summer long you will probably find me at my favorite rosè all day places in Chicago

  1. The Hampton Social
  2. City Winery on The Riverwalk
  3. Lux Bar
  4. Le Colonial
  5. Hotel Zachary
  6. The Lakefront Restaurant
  7. Cindy’s Rooftop
  8. Eataly

Click on the image below to download my free checklist to all the best places to drink rosè in Chicago.

How to Celebrate Rose Day in Chicago

How to Plan Your Own Rosè all Day Crawl

Also, if you are looking to plan a really fun girl’s day, last year I put together a girl’s guide on how to plan your own rosè all day crawl. This is the perfect girl’s guide to read and use if you want to plan a birthday party, bachelorette party, or even just have a fun girl’s day.

To get all the information on how to plan your own rosè all day crawl just click on the image below!

How to Plan Your Own Rosè all Day Crawl in Chicago

Cheers girls! xo

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