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I’m so excited to write my first ever book review for the Girl’s Guide Chicago Virtual Book Club. If you are new to my site or don’t know what the GGC Virtual Book Club is all about, you can read how to join here. Anyone is welcome to join, you do not have to be from Chicago.

If you have read the book, The Women in the Window by A.J. Finn, please join me in discussing the book, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Book Review: The Women in the Window

*Spoilers Below!

Overall, I have to say I enjoyed the book very much. It wasn’t my absolute favorite read however, the story did keep my attention the whole time and I would look forward to reading every night. The Women in the Window did remind me somewhat of The Girl on the Train and The Women in Cabin 10. There seems to be a trend with these types of book. Don’t you agree? I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the book to see what was the truth about Anna, regarding her illness and her family, and what was really going on with those neighbors. Did someone really get killed? If someone did. Why and who did it? Or was Anna just going crazy and making it all up?

In the beginning of the book, when Anna was spying on her neighbors, I immediately assumed that Anna was an older lady and her life just went horribly wrong. Did anyone else think the same? It wasn’t until a few chapters into the book that I realized that she was a younger woman and had something very tragic happen to her. She was also having serious problems with alcohol and self-medicating.

I also didn’t know for certain, but the more she talked to her family throughout the book, something just felt like they were no longer alive. However, once Anna started talking about the accident and that they had survived the initial accident. I did second guess myself again and thought, well maybe they did just move away from her?

Also, how awful would it be to suffer like Anna and become an agoraphobic? She is obviously a smart woman, a child psychologist and had a very successful career. It was really interesting to read about how a sudden traumatic awful accident had completely changed her life. She knew drinking numerous bottles of wine a day, self-medicating, and not being able to leave her house was all wrong and terrible for her. It was no way to live. However, she just simply couldn’t change or stop. It makes you think about how tough it is for people everywhere in the World to deal with real-life issues from substance abuse to phobias. It’s not all that easy to just change, even when you know it’s wrong.

I thought it was interesting how Anna helped other people who also suffered from agoraphobia. She was very good at her “job” and always knew the right thing to say to help them or to make them feel better. This also really gave an insight as to how smart and intelligent Anna really was. I hope that she continued to help these people after the story ended. At the end where you surprised that Grandma Lizzy was really Ethan! I sure was!

Anna was similar to me in the way that when she watched those old frightening movies, she would then compared them to events happening in real life. I thought her love for old movies was a great addition to include in the book. A part of me thought that maybe what happened across the street, she was just making it all up. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched a thriller, drama, or even a Lifetime movie and then think that something weird is going on in the high-rise across the street from me. I know I can’t believe alone in thinking this!

When it came to the part of who was the killer, I immediately thought it was the husband. It just had to be him and this “new” wife was helping him cover up in some way. But, that just seemed too easy. It didn’t want that to be true because I hate when I guess the ending of a book. So, I also thought that for a second it could be David, the cute tenant in the basement. Or that maybe he was working alongside Mr. Russell. Ethan seemed so sweet and innocent. I had no idea he was the one who killed his real Mom, was sneaking into Anna’ house at night, and even hurt Punch, the sweet poor cat. I was also really surprised to find out in the end, that when Katie came to visit Anna, that she was Ethan’s real Mom.

I’ve also heard that The Women in the Window is being shopped around to become a movie. Would you go see it in the theaters? I would be intrigued to see who would play Anna. Who do you think would be good for the part of Anna?

Ok, your turn. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this book! Please leave them in the comments below!

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