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The weather has actually not been too bad the last few days here in Chicago. So, I can’t really complain. However, every year around this time I get the itch to go somewhere warm. For the last almost ten years I have spent the week of my birthday in March usually in Florida. We like to split our time between Delray Beach and South Beach. My birthday is at the beginning of the month so, it’s the perfect time for us to go before it gets too busy with spring breakers. And, you can also get a really good deal.

I’ve never written a girl’s guide like this before but I thought I would share with you a few great travel tips that I always use to get really good deals when I travel. If you are feeling the need for some sunshine and a little pool time, I also found an AMAZING deal. For only $300, you can fly and stay in South Beach, Miami and enjoy a mini-vacation. I absolutely love Miami and sometimes you just need a few days in the sun to recharge and have some fun. So keep reading if you are interested in getting this deal for yourself.

How to enjoy a mini vacation in Miami for only $300

  • Book your flight a week or two ahead and always book travel on either Monday on Tuesday to get the best deal.
  • Either on your phone (download the app) or online use to find the best deal you can on last-minute airfare.
  • You typically need to go on your mini vacation mid-week to get the best deal. Flights and especially hotels go up in price over the weekends.
  • If you find an ok price, set up an alert using KAYAK and they will send you an email if the flight get cheaper.

How to fly from Chicago to Miami for Cheap

So, today while I was looking for deals like I always like to do. I found this AMAZING deal that you can see in the image above. If you can take off a few days from work, you can literally fly to Miami for two days for $100 roundtrip. This flight even includes all the taxes and fees. I’m so tempted to book this for myself and my husband!

  • The flight I found is for Tuesday, January 30th leaving at around 7 am in the morning. The return flight is around noon on Thursday, February 1st.
  • You will get to your hotel early afternoon on Tuesday, giving you a few hours to lounge by the pool. Then you have all day on Wednesday to explore Miami or have a full pool day. Have one last fun night out in Miami on Wednesday and then fly back around noon on Thursday. It’s the perfect mini-vacation!
  • If you can’t go on those dates, I did see that KAYAK had pretty good deals for throughout the beginning of February.

How to fly from Chicago to Miami for Cheap

I also took a look at some popular hotels with great ratings in Miami and I found a few with really great prices. We have had friends stay at the Catalina Hotel and you really can’t beat the price. The hotel is a boutique hotel so the rooms are small but the property is very clean and of course, they do have a pretty good pool. The other hotel I found that I also like is the Albion South Beach Hotel. It’s priced a little bit more because it’s a hotel and not a boutique hotel but you still will be under your budget of $300 for the whole mini-vacation.

  • Also, check your favorite hotel’s website or the website’s of these hotels and you might find an even better deal.
  • If you are a bit of a risk taker and you want a more luxury hotel in Miami. Download the Hotel Tonight app on your phone and book your hotel when you land. I’ve done it many times. You might be a little over your $300 budget but you will get a great deal on an amazing luxury hotel.

Are there any hidden fees or is this a trick?

No, it’s not. I often find good deals like this all the time. You just have to know where to look, when to book, and to be flexible with your dates. You also have to travel light. The airfare I found was for Basic Economy which means you no changes to your flight, you get your seat at the airport, and if you have a large bag you have to check it. You are only going for a few days so travel really light. Bring a backpack! And, obviously, if you decide to travel by yourself your hotel stay is going to be more than $300 if you are not splitting the hotel cost with someone. But, I would assume if you are going to Miami for a mini-vacation you will want to bring your best travel buddy along.

If this sounds perfect to you, I would book ASAP! You can’t beat a mini-vacation for $300! Once you book, it should be nothing but blue skies and lots of sunshine.

If you like this deal that I found or my travel tips please take a moment to share this girl’s guide with your friends!

How to fly from Chicago to Miami for only $300


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