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Last Updated On: June 25, 2018

This is definitely a different style of guide from my normal girl’s guides but I think many of you that are newly engaged or planning your upcoming wedding, this engagement and wedding photo checklist that I have created could really come in handy. There’s so much planning that goes into a wedding and sometimes it’s just hard to think of all the little details like where to take the best photos. Here’s my list of all the best places to take wedding photos all over the city.

Where to take the best wedding and engagement photos in Chicago

Downtown Wedding Shots

  • Olive Park (next to Navy Pier)
  • Oak Street Beach
  • Navy Pier – head to the end of Navy Pier
  • Navy Pier Carousel
  • Michigan Avenue – median at Illinois Street
  • Wrigley Building
  • All along the Riverwalk (under the mirrored tunnel)
  • On one of the Chicago Bridges
  • Mariano Park in the Gold Coast
  • Chicago Board of Trade
  • The Bean at Millennium Park
  • Jay Pritzker Pavilion
  • Lurie Garden
  • Crown Fountain
  • The Art Institute
  • Art Institute of Chicago, South Garden
  • Grant Park
  • Grant Park Rose Garden
  • The Fountain
  • On an “L” train or at a station
  • The Picasso Status
  • In the ally at Hero Coffee Bar
  • The Chicago Theatre
  • Museum Campus
  • Cultural Center
  • Union Station

North Side Wedding Shots

  • Lincoln Park
  • The gardens at the Chicago History Museum
  • Lincoln Park Conservatory and gardens
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • The Honeycomb in Lincoln Park
  • Boardwalk in Lincoln Park
  • North Pond
  • The Nature Museum
  • Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
  • North Avenue Bridge over Lake Shore Drive
  • North Avenue Beach
  • Diversey Harbor
  • Belmont Harbor
  • Wrigley Field
  • Berger Park

West Side/South Wedding Shots

  • Garfield Park Conservatory
  • 606 Trail and the park by Ipsento 606
  • Damen, Milwaukee, Division intersection
  • China Town
  • Promontory Point
  • Osaka Garden in Jackson Park

You can also download and save the free checklist I have created. Just click on the image below. Feel free to share it with your girlfriends, anyone who is newly engagement or getting married, or give it to your Chicago wedding photographer. If you are a photographer you can also save this checklist to give to your clients.

Where to Take the Best Wedding and Engagement Photos in Chicago

Free Download: Save a copy of this checklist I made:
A Girl’s Guide: Where to Take the Best Wedding and Engagement Photos in Chicago

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