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My girlfriend and I were invited into Maison Marcel to try their new dinner menu. If you haven’t heard to Maison Marcel it’s shabby chic french bakery on Broadway in Lakeview. Maison Marcel recently opened a few weeks ago with a soft launch that included a few brunch items and plenty of delicious pastries. I’ve been numerous time since their they opening and I really enjoy their pastries so I was really looking forward to trying their dinner menu.

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As we walked in, I noticed right away that the ambiance had changed from a cozy bakery to a soft romantic feel. There were candle sticks on every table and there was even someone playing the violin. We chose to sit on one of the comfy couches, which is something I love about coming here, it’s the cozy little nooks to sit in. Their menu consisted of small plates so we decided to share the brussel sprouts, the hummus, and the shrimp skewers. My friend is gluten free so we kept our plates to things that she could enjoy as well.

The brussel sprouts

We both loved the brussel sprouts! They were made with grilled onion (which I really like) and since I grew up in England, to me that’s a very European way of preparing food.

The hummus

As you can see from my photos above the hummus was served as almost a picnic style which I thought was really cute. The hummus tasted homemade and I liked the selection of vegetable along with two slices of bread for dipping.

The shrimp skewers

This was probably our least favorite dish and not because of the shrimp. The shrimp was served with pineapple (yum!) and the shrimp was very sweet as well. However, the shrimp was served on a bed of slaw which was very tart and didn’t compliment the shrimp skewers. We did let the chef know after because I think if it was just a little less tart is would be great!

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Also, Maison Marcel is BYOB! I didn’t know that before hand but that’s ok. We had a glass of champagne to celebrate the dinner menu and next time we will know to bring our own bottle of wine.

I really enjoy coming into Maison Marcel for coffee and the almond croissant (my fave!) and I really want to come back to try a few other French things on their menu. The atmosphere is really cozy and it’s a nice place to come in and relax and enjoy some food. As the chef said to me “it’s your home away from home.”

Have you been yet? Share with me your thoughts!


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