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Each year I love to kick off the holidays with my girlfriends and enjoy a night of drinks, dining, and the amazing chocolate bar at The Peninsula Hotel. This year was my 4th year and it’s a tradition that I enjoy hosting very much. The Peninsula Hotel is one of my most favorite hotels in Chicago and it’s especially beautiful during the holidays.

The Peninsula Hotel Chicago

The Peninsula Hotel Chicago

The Peninsula Hotel Chicago

I really love the holidays and I really love chocolate so it’s a great way to celebrate with my girls. The holiday decorations are so beautiful here and I think one of the best places to snap a photo during the holidays. My girlfriend Kelly and I took a few photos out front before the others arrived.

This year, I decided to get my girlfriends a cute little gift because they are so supportive of all my endeavors. They will come with me to events, help me take photos, and just support me in everything I do. It’s hard to find good friends like this and I really appreciate them and love them so much. I got them cute Kate Spade mugs with fancy hot chocolate and popcorn because we all love to watch movies, enjoy some popcorn, and cozy up with hot chocolate. I also gave them mini Christmas crackers which are a British Christmas tradition that I do with my family. Inside each cracker are a festive paper hat, a funny holiday joke, and a little prize. I thought it would be fun to pop them with the girls during dinner.

The Peninsula Chicago

Here’s after we popped the crackers, which all came with little wine glass charms. How adorable! I got these mini Christmas crackers from TJ Maxx if you are interested in where to get them.

Some years we have just done the chocolate bar but this year we decided to do dinner and the chocolate bar. If you just do the chocolate bar it’s $40 a person and if you have dinner you can add on the chocolate bar for just $20 the person. The chocolate bar is unlimited chocolate and includes a hot chocolate bar as well. The hot chocolate is a must, it’s very rich and delicious and you can make your hot chocolate however you want, including toppings!

Hot Chocolate Bar at The Peninsula Hotel

For dinner, I chose the scallops and they were really good. Two of us got the scallops and my other two girlfriends got the burger which, is not always on the menu but you can still ask for it. I have to mention that The Peninsula was very accommodating to my girlfriend who has a gluten and nut allergy. She was very happy to be able to enjoy almost as much as the rest of us.

The Chocolate Bar at The Peninsula Hotel Chicago

The Chocolate Bar at The Peninsula Hotel Chicago

This year I noticed that the chocolate bar was full of the cutest holiday decorated chocolate treats which I don’t know if I’ve seen as much before.

The Chocolate Bar at The Peninsula Hotel Chicago

Ready to eat all these yummy chocolates!

The Christmas tree at The Peninsula Hotel

The Christmas tree at The Peninsula Hotel Chicago

How beatiful is this Christmastree?

The Peninsula Hotel Chicago

If you get a chance, I really recommend coming to The Peninsula to enjoy the chocolate bar, It’s really a fun thing to experiences with your friends. If you don’t get the chance to do the chocolate bar this holiday season, you can always stop by the cafè at The Peninsula, Pierrot Gourmet for delicious macaroons and a few chocolate treats.

Thank you again to my girlfriends for joining me! I really had so much fun this year! What holidays traditions do you enjoy with your girlfriends? Share with me in the comments.


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