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A little while ago, I saw that someone I follow on Instagram posted some photos of a place called Alta Vista Terrace. Their caption stated that this historic street was a little bit of London in Chicago. I looked up the location right away and I found out it was not too far from my house. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard of it before! Since I’m from London, I love all things London and to think there’s a little bit of London in Chicago is really cool. My hubby and I love to take long walks with our dog Bella all over the city so I’d been making a mental note to take a walk over to see this historic street.

Today was a sunny but cold Sunday in Chicago, a great day for a long walk. What us Chicagoans would say is a perfect winter’s day. So off we went the three of us to see what a little bit of London looked like in Chicago.

A Little Bit of London in Chicago | Alta Vista Terrace District

I didn’t know what to expect once we got to our destination but I knew we were in the right place because I saw the historic sign right away and I immediately saw that Alta Vista Terrace looked exactly like a little bit of London in Chicago. A took a few photos to share but I think I will definitely have to go back during the summer. However, I decided to have a little editing fun with these.

A Little Bit of London in Chicago | Alta Vista Terrace District

A Little Bit of London in Chicago | Alta Vista Terrace District

A Little Bit of London in Chicago | Alta Vista Terrace District

A Little Bit of London in Chicago | Alta Vista Terrace District

I’ve been talking a lot lately about finding things that inspire you. It’s so important to get inspiration from others and the things around you. I hope my guides inspire you to explore more of our beautiful city. I also want to bring you some more intimate and more focused guides this year, which I talked about here.

Anyway, my point about finding inspiration is that just walking around the city helps me to become inspired and walking also helps me to think. I’m also a huge daydreamer so when I find something like this tiny street inspired by a little bit of London,  I really like to soak it all in. So, as I wandered down Alta Vista Terrace, I thought about a few things…

  1. I imagined what this street looked like after it was built in the early 1900s.
  2. I wondered who were all the families who have lived in on this street?
  3. I imagined what this street looked like during the summer months.
  4. I imagined what this street would look like after a beautiful snowfall and if every single home was decorated and all lit up for Christmas.
  5. I thought about what part of London or if there was a street in particular that inspired Samual Gross to develop this unique street all the way over here in Chicago.
  6. Then I started to think about how this would be the perfect location for a story about a dreamy street nestled in the neighborhood just blocks away from one of the most famous baseball fields in the World. It might be strange to you but I can’t help it, I’m always thinking about future novels I would like to write.

Do you have a favorite little street in Chicago? I would love to know where else I can find historic streets like this in the city.

Alta Vista Terrace was built in 1904 to replicant the rowhouse style of houses in London. The street is one block long and was developed by Samual Gross. He was inspired to build Alta Vista Terrace after a trip to Europe, in which he looked at the row houses of London. Not only is this street inspired to look like a Londontown street but what’s unique is the 40 houses on the street were constructed to match with the house diagonally opposite. 

Location: 3800 N. Alta Vista Terrace (2 blocks North of Wrigley Field)


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